Wednesday, December 01, 2010


So I really don't have anything to say, but I promised you all a picture of the cake I was working on for last Saturday. The cake was for my great niece who was turning 3 and wanted a T.oy St.ory cake. Nothing on the cake was made of wood. :) Technically all of it is edible. The cake was an 11x15 chocolate cake, with chocolate filling, chocolate buttercream covered with fondant.

This weekend is a busy weekend as we hold our Annual Christmas Open House. We're expecting between 50-75 people and I'm so not prepared. LOL. Come back next week and I'll try and post you an update on the event and maybe some pictures.

For those who are celebrating, Happy Channukah!


Gil said...

I -so- wish we could come this weekend. Alas, we have Hubby's kids for the weekend and we need to get our own decorating done before my parents arrive! I know you will have so much fun though. Please have a drink for me (or two!).
Much love from our neck of the woods to you both.
Almost forgot... I said it on FB but the cake is spectacular! GREAT job sweets!

Lut C. said...

Amazing cake! It must have been a hit!

Lifeslurper said...

Oh my...I think I've gained weight looking through your blog.

You are one talented lady!

Best wishes on your future ttc efforts...

LS x