Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A post for Cali

There's really not much going on so I thought I'd post some snow pictures for Cali. :)

And proof the snow is higher than I am. :)

Other than winter, there's not much going on. V and I have commitments up the ying yang for the next few months so now it looks like May/June for the FET but that's okay. I really want to try and lose some of the weight I put on during the last cycles and over Christmas.

Here's wishing everyone a good day. :)


Syrlinus said...

Yanno. I don't miss that snow right now. ;)

Gil said...

We've got a pile of snow in our front yard too! What a mess. At least this year we bought a snowblower to handle it! Sending you both tons of hugs from up the road!

Anonymous said...

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Io said...

Pam! You make me feel like a wuss for complaining about the foot we got a few weeks ago!