Friday, October 31, 2008


I just thought I'd drop in and say I'm okay. I know many of you on the internet and IRL have been worried and concerned. I understand that and I appreciate all of your kind words and hugs both virtual and real. It's not been easy and I ask on an almost daily basis "Why". There have been no real answers at all. I had the day off last Friday so I went back down to the clinic to have a brief face to face chat with my doctor to ask him a few more questions. Even though I arrived at the near end of cycle monitoring, it was still about 90 minutes to see him.

I asked him all of the questions that you guys had put into the comments. He did not feel that my fibroid surgery two years ago could have an impact, nor did he feel that I had any scar tissue. I have already had an HSG, a hysteroscopy and a sonohysterogram (are any of them the same thing?) and he didn't think there was any need to re-do them, nor to have a laparoscopy.

I had spoken to the surrogate consultant the day before and mentioned to him the fee she told me. He said it was way too high, double in fact, and while we were talking he pulled out his blackberry and sent her an email questioning the fees. Regardless of that, I told him there was just no way we could do that financially and we were back to doing a final cycle next February or March.

So, that's where we stand right now.


Kami said...

Thanks for the update. It's great that your RE will call you personally. I hope SOMETHING works for you soon.

Aurelia said...

Well, I'm glad you spoke to him, but I have to wonder if maybe you should get a second opinion on some of this before you just do a final cycle and say "that's it".

Even if it just makes you feel like you really are certain that you have done everything you need to, it might be worth it.

Again, I'm so sorry about all this.

Anonymous said...

Hi, have to agree with aurelia that a 2nd opinion might be a good thing. I haven't been reading you for very long, but I think you had DE, right? Was that your 1st one? If not, was the protocol leading up to the transfer always the same, or did they mix it up and check your progresterone/estrogen/lining...was there any difference?
It really hurts when it doesn't work and I feel what you are going through. I really hope you can get to a place where you feel confident again that it will work before you embark on your next cycle.
Take good care, Amy

Gil said...

I'm glad to hear that you asked a ton of questions Pam. Sometimes there are no answers, but sometimes, it might be that someone else HAS some answers. Might be something to look into.
Regardless, I'm thinking of you and V and hoping that you two are doing well. Sending you tons of love... oh, and thank you for your e-mail. I really appreciate the offer. *hugs*

Io said...

I'm glad you're ok. I am with you on the whys. Hopefully the last cycle is it in the best way.

m said...

Thanks for the update. Take a break. Take a breather. It sounds like you have an RE that cares and is eager to get to answers with you. Wishing you the best.