Thursday, September 04, 2008


I went in to the clinic this morning to get the usual blood work and ultrasound done for the start of the FET. I also wanted to find out what the RE thought this time around. I saw the donor coordinator/nurse and she was sorry that things hadn't worked out for us and encouraged me to talk to the doctor. She agreed there must be something we could do differently.

Blood work was quick as usual and even though they didn't appear to be extremely busy today, the wait for an ultrasound was extremely long. Once that was done, it was only a short wait to see the doc. We like him because he says things straight up and doesn't beat around the busy. Today he sat down with me for about 15 minutes and we discussed my questions and came up with some changes to my protocol this time around.

For the questions:

my age - at almost 48, I wanted to know if my age was negatively impacting the situation. He said he's had the same pregnancy rates for a 25 year old and a 51 year old, so he doesn't feel that my age is an issue. He looked back at the sonohysterogram and said that everything was good there. I reminded him I'd had the fibroids removed a few years ago and that didn't seem to be an issue either.

progesterone - they don't test progesterone levels during the 2 week wait. He doesn't feel that there is a specific number that it's supposed to reach. If you achieve a pregnancy, then they assume that you're producing the right amount. However, he has agreed to increase my progesterone when the time comes from 2cc's to 3cc's of PIO and perhaps supplement with oral progesterone, but he didn't think so.

HCG - supplemental HCG doesn't apply to me as I wouldn't have ovulated

embryo glue - I was expecting a negative reaction/response from him. I'm not sure why. But he surprised me because he has used it before, but like the studies say, he's not convinced that it really helps. However, he will use it if a patient wants to. He had one patient that used it and was successful. On a subsequent cycle, she used it again and was successful again. So he's not adverse to using it, but V and I need to make a decision and let them know asap in case they need to order it. We just have to decide if we're willing to spend the money on it.

He said we have six "gorgeous" embryos in the freezer. That was his word. :) He wants to be a bit more aggressive this time and transfer 4 embryos. Obviously we'd be faced with the reduction scenario of they all take. I'm not sure at this point. My thought is if they all took, then that would be 2 that could have been used another time. However, there's no guarantee those two would have taken at another time, being in the freezer longer etc. And let's face it. If the cycle works, will we be trying again when I'm 50? And, if the cycle fails (let's hope it doesn't) would those embryos have failed another time as well? I'm assuming that yes they would have, so V and I will be discussing how many we want to transfer and letting the doctor know when I'm back in for a lining check in 10 days.

So, my meds have changed slightly:

2 estrace 3 times a day (no change here)
1 prednisone, twice a day (this has doubled)
1 baby aspirin, once a day
folic acid
prenatal vitamin

When we get to transfer:
Fragmin shot, twice a day (this had doubled) - unbruised belly skin will be at a premium
Progesterone in oil - changed from 2cc's to 3cc's. I think he's still sticking with once a day and not splitting it up

So, that's where we are for now.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great plan. I am already in the crossing fingers mode for ya'll.

Aurelia said...

This is kind of why I'm not so big a fan of this guy...progesterone is absorbed differently in some people and well---
I achieved a pregnancy several times and if I hadn't been on progesterone I would have been an automatic miscarriage. In fact, after going off of progesterone I did have a late miscarriage.
The shots may not work for you. Oral never works for anyone to be honest, but you can take the oral stuff vaginally and check blood levels.
Also, this may just be my emotional state this week talking, but I would go for only one or two to transfer. You really don't want to go for selective reduction. just me

Anonymous said...

Good luck for your cycle!Really hope it works.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you have a really great doc. i wish you much luck with this next FET, i'm so happy you've got all those frozen friends ready to go. choosing how many is so tricky but i'm sure you'll figure out what you're most comfortable with. good vibes are coming your way!

LadyofAvalon56 said...

Update? What's happening? When's transfer? How many?


Miss you

Marie-Baguette said...

I am commenting a bit late -- in fact it might be too late, but I was shocked beyond belief by your post.
1. of course pregnancy success rates vary with age! "He said he's had the same pregnancy rates for a 25 year old and a 51 year old" -- it is just not true.
2. Transferring 4 embryos: increasing the number of embryos only increase the probability of having multiples, not the pregnancy success rates. Yes, you can always reduce. I did go through a reduction (2 embryos transferred, one split into 3) and it was hell. They don't reduce before week 11 or 12, when the fetus look like real babies and MOVE. It was highly traumatic for me. Plus reductions can result in a miscarriage. Do you know how the reduction is done? They insert a line through your belly (you can feel it) and they inject something in the fetus heart to make it stop. Once the heart has stopped, the dead fetus is not flushed out of your body but stays in. When my baby was born, the OB GYN said she could see the remains of the triplets we had to reduce in the placenta. Consult with another doctor because it seems your RE is just feeding you lies and bad advice

Pam said...

Marie-Baguette - never to late to make a comment. I remember what you went through. I am a regular reader of your blog now and then, although a rare commenter. I appreciate what you went through and I value your input.