Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm still here

There really isn't much going on. I'm okay. We've got our follow up with the RE this Saturday. I've got a list of things to ask him such as:

- why does he think both cycles failed
- is my age (47) a factor at this point
- is there anything he thinks we could do differently next time
- what does he think about using DHEA as an option (thanks Aurelia)
- if they have donor embryos available and the cost
- what's the waiting list for in house donors through the clinic and cost
- does he have any affiliation/connection with available donors through other local clinics?

Does anyone have any suggestions of other stuff we should be asking about?


Unknown said...

Are you guys using ICSI and Assisted Hatching? Also, have you considered an earlier transfer? I think next time I am going to ask for a day 2 transfer. The embryos may like it better inside the ute than in a dish.

Pam said...

We didn't use ICSI because it wasn't necessary with the donor eggs plus we got a 100% fertilization rate with the eggs we got from the shared cycle. As for assisted hatching, we paid for it for the FET cycle as we were told that it was done with all frozen embryos so I can only assume that it was. I will ask about that though.