Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This is killing me

Yes, by that I mean we still aren't any further along that yesterday.

I went into the clinic this morning for the usual blood letting and wanding. I got in there at 7:20am with the hopes that I would get out within 2 hours so I could actually make it to work on time (haha, I kill myself). My clinic has a first-come-first-serve policy, so when you arrive you sign in on the necessary sheets. So for me that's always blood, ultrasound and my doctor's sheet. I was #26 for blood, #28 for ultrasound and #8 on his list. It didn't take long for the blood work mostly because there were a number of people not sitting in that waiting area when their name was called, and then it didn't take much longer for ultrasound. So I was sitting in the main waiting room, reading my book waiting for the doctor. Now the other doctors in this clinic all seem to arrive between 8 and 8:30 but my doctor decided that arriving at 8:55am was a good idea. So, even though I was 8th on his list, he didn't call for me until almost 10am. I think I read almost 50 pages.

Because we're using a donor he usually has to go and check with the donor coordinator at the clinic to see what the status is. So off he goes, and I pull out my book because it usually takes him 5-10 minutes. It was about 10 today because he called the agency himself to see what was going on. He came back to say that he has lit a fire under them because the donor hadn't gone for the tests that she was supposed to have done last Monday on the 24th!!!!! Apparently there had been some storms in the state she lives (he mentioned the state, but I won't say here). I find it difficult to believe she couldn't have found the time to have gone at some point. In any case, he said they've made the request again, and he's obviously gotten somewhat annoyed with the agency coordinator because I think she's dropped the ball a bit on this issue. He should have test results by my next visit.

So, I'm to go back next week on the last or second last day of the pill package I'm currently on in case he needs to have me continue a little longer. That makes it Monday or Tuesday. They should have an idea by then where the donor is in her cycle and he said that we may be able to go forword without waiting for her to have a period. Isn't there something he can prescribe to her to jump start it? Anyway, I decided I'm going to go on Monday because it's Thanksgiving here and I don't have to worry about being late for work. An added bonus is that V. is going to come with me because he doesn't get to very often and he wants to talk to the doctor and make sure it still makes sense for us to continue with this donor. I still feel good about her, and we've been told they've had success with her in the past. I don't think we'll be told to change donors at this point, at least not yet.

That's it for now...oh, and I got to work at 10:45am.


Kami said...

Oh, that sucks. It already feels so out of control, having your donor not get her tests done has got to be all kinds of frustrating. I hope it all comes together soon.

Dtrini said...

I want to make sure it is clear to everyone that I will not be going in to get more information; my wife can relay that to me. I am going in to be a vocal presence and influence. I've been known to get answers when I ask questions in a certain manner. I am pretty much at that point now. Remember that Job has left the building. :)

niobe said...

Sometimes it seems that all we do is wait. I know that's very much how I'm feeling these days.

I'm a little curious about why (or if) the doctor would tell you to change donors if you're happy with her. Unless there's a medical problem, it seems kind of like that should really be your decision. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

How does it work when the donor is in another state? Does V have to go there to do his thing and then they ship the embies to you? Or are you both going there for the retrieval/transfer? GAWD, it just gets even more complicated with a third person involved. I hope things start moving along for you guys.

Gil said...

First things first... happy belated birthday Pam sweets! I hope your 47th was wonderful and that you and V celebrated in some special way.

Next... I'm sorry to hear that things are jumbled with this donor; that ain't fair. Seriously, unless there was a freaking snowstorm that left 10ft of snow in her driveway, it'd have to be a helluva storm NOT to get to a clinic for testing. Ugh, that just sucks. *hugs*

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I'm still here, and still reading; just quieter than usual as I contemplate my own path.

Pam said...

Just to clarify:

Niobe - I think V.s concern about the donor was more her committment than anything. I don't expect us to change but I think V. wants to put some pressure on the clinic to get things moving. We are both happy with her, and she was our first choice, so unless something medically went wrong, I think we would stay with her.

Baby Step - When you work with a third party as the donor, the donor comes to you. She is currently being monitored by a local lab who sends sample and such up to our clinic for analysis. Once she starts stims, her ultrasounds and blood work will be monitored by our doctor and he will control things. When they deem it time, she will fly to Toronto, with her husband or another escort, where she will continue with the stims for a couple of more days and will be closely monitored by our doctor. When it's time for retrieval, V. will go into our clinic and give his sample and 3-5 days later, I will go in for the transfer. This is partly where the fee comes in, because part of it is the cost to bring her to us.

Gil - thank you for the belated wishes. I've been thinking about you. :) In the case of the storm, it may have been tropical storm in nature. Regardless, I think we'll be getting started in the later part of the coming week (fingers crossed). Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Drowned Girl said...

How frustrating, I hope you get it sorted.

thrice said...

IVF is a blessing, but it's also patient-wearing. I hope things move along at a more satisfying pace.

Roni said...

I'm so sorry that things are not as smooth as you hoped. It's awful not to be in control. I'm really hoping that everything gets better from this point.