Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pam needs....

I got this from Gil and thought you all might get a kick out of some of these. Try it yourself.

Go to Google and type in "your name" needs? (ie. "Pam needs?") and then list the top 10 entries. I found that it worked with or without the quotation marks around the question. So here's mine:

1. Pam needs sperm donor. (no, thank you, I don't)
2. Pam needs no net to net a man!
3. Pam needs a bigger bra! (hmmmm)
4. Pam needs to tell Bill that it's Carl or her. (who's Carl?)
5. Pam needs 4-6 weeks to complete a basket for you. (I could do it faster than that)
6. Pam needs dynamic loading (what's that?)
7. Pam needs our help!
8. Pam needs some of these (Yes, yes I do!)
9. Pam needs something in between (get your minds out of the gutter, thank you)
10. Pam needs to wear pants - she looks like a hooker (gee, thanks)


Anonymous said...

Now THAT's funny! I did it with my name and I will post it to my blog later if I have time today. Too funny. I had not heard of this one before.

Gil said...

Ha ha ha... yours turned out great too Pam! Very cute. I think it's hilarious that the first one on the list is SO appropriate for the themes of these blogs. Fine, albeit you don't need a sperm donor, but believe me, I sure do!!!

Love to you and V!

Dtrini said...

1. Why Y&R's Victor needs to leave...PRONTO! (Freaky, since I love Y&R and Mr. Newman is my hero and role model)

2. Victor needs help (people keep claiming this over the years but I don't know why)

3. Victor needs transportation, and funds for his other needs immediately. (uhm, yes, yes I do. Please send some right away)

4. You need an actor, Victor needs the money. (uhm, yes, yes I do.)

5. Victor needs imaginative thinking. (I do aiight)

6. Victor Needs a Ride. (My prayers have been answered)

7. Victor - needs restoration. (That's a little harsh, it's more of a tune-up, especially around the middle)

8. Victor needs to make his mind up....he's worse than a woman! (SOB, it's so true, sniff, especially when it comes to buying hardware)

9. Victor needs a hug. (Hug, rub, tug... it's all the same to me)

10. Victor Still Needs to Learn About Reality. (Uhm, is that a slight against my previous answer?)

PS Now you know what the V stands for. :)