Saturday, April 14, 2007


Sorry to for the absence of info. V. and I are trying to sort some stuff out and when we've got it done, we'll update everyone.

For now, the only news is that I started acupuncture today.

It's been said that acupuncture can help improve the success rate of in-vitro fertilization by:

- Relaxing the patient, decreasing stress, and taking individual time with patients
- Regulating hormonal imbalances resulting in a larger number of follicles
- Strengthening the immune system
- Lessening the side effects of drugs used in IVF or other western productive techniques
- Improving the function of the ovaries to help produce better quality eggs
- Increasing blood flow to the uterus and increasing the thickness of the uterine lining
- Preventing the uterus from contracting
- Improving semen and sperm to create a better quality and quantity of embryos
- Decreasing the chances of miscarriage

Obviously some of these points are not applicable as we're using donor eggs. And acupuncture isn't just for women. :)

Anyway, a few months ago an ad showed up on my blog for the Toronto Wellness Clinic. It turns out that, among their list of services, they performed acupuncture for infertility. It seems those ads can be good for something. ;) Anyway, when I finally got around to calling them I found that their location in downtown Toronto was just not convenient for me in terms of their clinic hours. I was able to get name of someone else who might be able to help. It turns out that this person is the President of the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After contacting them I found that they offer acunpuncture at their teaching clinic at a much cheaper rate than if I'd gone downtown or with the President who does take patients. Plus the school is more easily reached after work, and has evening hours in the clinic, plus Saturdays. So, off I went this morning for my consultation and first treatment - all for $30!! The whole appointment took just under 2 hours, with the first hour being the consultation.

In the end, she put 26 different needles in me. One went into my forehead which was to relieve stress (I think), 2 each went into my hand and the back of my wrist of each hand, plus each ankles. I believe she called these points the 4 Gates. The remaining needles were put into my abdomen and my legs. I'm not really familiar enough at this time with what she did. Did they hurt? only the 4 Gates and my forehead, but that disappated quickly. Otherwise, I didn't feel anything. I asked if I'd notice anything over time and she said I might, and one of those things might be that my period gets heavier. Oh joy! In any case, I've bought their 11 session package. For now, I'm only going in once a week until we've got a date for transfer, then we'll look at twice a week. I figure at this point, anything extra we can do to further our chances of success is a good thing.

That's it for now.


Gil said...

Tell me how the acupuncture goes. I was debating looking into that myself. In fact, I think I'd contacted someone somewhere along the way about it but he never got back to me. Hmm, I ought to poke him again. Anyway, keep me posted; this aspect of IF treatment intrigues me greatly.

Anonymous said...

2 steps forward, 1 step back.

Keep at it.


Pam said...

Gil - I've been twice now, and I quite like it. Perhaps it's the relaxing effect it has. :) I think I've got more energy too. I say if you have someone who can do it (and not everyone does) and you've got a plan which will reimburse you, I'd go for it; even without the plan. It can't hurt. :)