Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Not much happening

There really isn't anything going on which is why you haven't heard from me on the fertility, or rather, infertility front.

However, on Friday I'm off to Youngstown Ohio for work. The company I work for has sold off a portion of one of our divisions and as I'm responsible for email at my company, I'm off with two colleagues to split them off our existing network onto their own network with their own email server and such, even though for now, they are still going to be routing through our network. So I'll be there until Tuesday. Back for two days, then camping with some good friends, including our donor, for the long weekend. That break will be nice.

So, three weeks from yesterday until surgery.


x said...

I always enjoy free travel for work, I hope you can have a little fun while your gone. We are camping for the long weekend too, I hope you have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think you have a great blog and I've recently added you to my link list. Please email me at for the password to my blog.

Kim aka Sassy

LiL Moo & Mee said...

Enjoy your camping!! I have signed you guest map too!