Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finally got an update

I finally heard from the agency regarding the status of the donor's blood work. I'd emailed late Friday evening and emailed again this morning to get an update.

Apparently she's done her bloodwork and it's at my clinic for analysis. She said they are now just waiting for the donor's CD1, which she says is unknown, to begin her protocol. I'm not exactly sure what her protocol is but I will ask when V. and I go into the clinic on Monday as that's the day I'm due in. I think I might have another month on the pill in order to wait for the donor's CD1 and synch with her. I'll need to get some information from the clinic to find out the next steps. Hopefully I can get some dates from them.

I'm staying optimistic that we're still on track for the end of August beginning of September but I don't know when her CD1 is expected. Hopefully it's not too far off.

For those of you who have already embarked on your DE cycles, any idea what the donor's protocol is in terms of when her CD1 starts?


LadyofAvalon56 said...

woot! woot!



etc., etc.

*big grin and happy dance over here*

Anonymous said...

It depends what sort of down-regulation your clinic uses.
Usually some supressant starting on day 21 -- for both donor and recipient. "Day 21" is a way of saying mid-way between ovulation and period. This goes for minimum 2-3 weeks till estrogen gets low for both women. The donor will have a cyst check to make sure she has not developed a cyst (not a disaster if she has, can result from supressant...).
Then she begins stimulation and you begin with estrogen. At some point you'll have a lining check to see if your uterine lining is plush. You'll start progesterone sometime around her retrieval (might be when she triggers, might be retrieval). Then when you have transfer depends on whether you have a 3-day or 5-day transfer.

daisy said...

Great! All is going according to plan. I'm excited for you. Hopefully we will be cycle buddies. :)