Monday, August 13, 2007

Latest Update

Okay, this is short. The agency emailed an update on the donor.

Just wanted to let you know that we will be looking forward to a late September retrieval for your donor. I will keep you updated when we set her medical protocol which will be in the next two weeks. Talk with you soon!

This actually fits more along the line about what I figured it would be based on what the date is now and where I am. I think our doctor actually means late August/early September for when our protocol is set to begin when he says we're on track. That would make more sense since it's about 6 weeks from beginning to transfer. I don't see how we could be at retrieval in 3 weeks if the donor hasn't begun her protocol. So, again, I'll know better in a week and a half when I see the doctor.

That's it for now.


Drowned Girl said...

Wow, not long to go!!

LadyofAvalon56 said...

So that date works really well! may be going transfer shortly before I go through IUI.

Ya know, if the fates are with us, we really could be pregnant at the same time!

Pam said...

That would be tres cool. :)