Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Today was one of the first weekends in a while where V. and I could actually sleep in. TC is up at camp for two weeks so it's been quiet around here. I was able to relax until about 10am which for me is late. :) After we got ourselves organized and such, we hooked up with E and BB and headed down to the Tas.te of the Dan.forth which is an annual street food festival here in Toronto. The weather was perfect. Hot and sunny. We stopped in at our favourite Cuban restaurant for some Mojitos and then made our way to one of our favourite greek restaurants for some calamari and lamb souvlaki. After this, although all of us were quite full, we made our way slowly back to the car and then headed out along the Dan.forth to the Ice Cr.eam Fact.ory for, of course, some ice cream. Huge scoops for $2.50. Can't beat that!!

(Warning, TMI coming up now for all you male/squeamish readers. Skip the next paragraph.)

Anyway, so, I think CD1 is here. It's hard to tell to be honest. It's been probably 15 years since I've been on the pill. So, when I took the last pill on Monday I wasn't sure how many days would pass before my cycle would start. Being the geek that I am, I went and googled for the info and confirmed what I thought, that it would be 2-3 days after I took the last pill. That would make it Wednesday or Thursday. Well, I actually started spotting on Friday. Usually my cycle starts like that, but by the evening I've essentially got a reasonable, red flow. And by the next day, it's very definitely CD1. However, this morning, there wasn't much of a flow, and it was this brown sludge (I warned you guys) The only reason I really need to know which day is CD1 is because I've got to start the birth control pills again on CD2. I was figuring that today actually is CD1 even though I don't have a regular heavy flow as normal but I consulted with BB today and she concurred. She said that it's because I was on the pill and this is how it would until I was completely off it. So, based on her expert opinion, I'm considering today CD1 and I'm going to start the pill tomorrow.

**UPDATE: It's confirmed. Today is CD1. :)

(End of TMI session.)

So, since I'm starting the pill tomorrow, that means I'm due back at the clinic on August 25th which is CD15. I'm not sure what's going to happen then, but hopefully we'll have a much better idea of where the donor is in her cycle and if she's started her protocol. I'm not really sure how he says we're still on track for late August/early September but maybe he's considering that as when we can start the protocol? Based on Daisy's calendar I don't see how we can be going to retrieval or transfer that early. My guess is that we're likely to be going to retrieval/transfer later in September which would make it right around my birthday. As V. has always known, if you were to ask me what I want for my birthday there would be only one answer. This is the first year that I might actually get what I want. :) Fingers are crossed we're on schedule for transfer in early September.

That's it for now.


Nica said...

Hoping thast your birthday present is what you want! :)

Pam said...

Thanks Nica. :)

Gil said...

I'm glad to hear that things are moving along as you'd hoped. Even after hearing about a possible glitch in the schedule! It's great news. Thought I'd drop by to give you both huge hugs. Keep us posted on the process!

Dtrini said...

Hmmm, so for the last 9 years, I have been giving DW birthday gifts she did not want. Eyeopener to say the least. :-(

Pam said...

Hey! That's not fair nor is it true. I've wanted and loved every single gift you've ever given me. And you know it. But you also are aware that when you ask me what I want be my birthday/Christmas/whatever there is only one thing I say. So take that back, meany.