Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not much to report

I went in to see the doctor today. When I finally saw him, he went off to check the donor's file and confirmed that we will be doing retrieval late September. He couldn't tell me anything more than that. I'm on CD15, but day 14 of the 21 pill Marvel0n pack, so he's told me to finish the pack and gave me another one which I am to begin as soon as the current one is finished, so no period for me now (yippee!!). He said to come back in September 5th and we should know more then. Since he asked me if I was Estrace yet (easier than checking the file) I am expecting him to start me on that in 11 days or at least give me the prescription to start shortly after that. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I've got to do some travelling for work in September/October/November to the last three of our sites that need upgrading. It's Murphy's Law that of course the first site is scheduled for September. Thankfully my manager knows what's going on, although not in detail, and will work around my clinic requirements. So, I confirmed with the doctor that I could travel the week of September 16th. I think this will likely be the week before the donor comes up to Toronto as I'm thinking retrieval could be quite close to my birthday on the 26th. I'll consider that good luck, thank you. :)

So, it looks like I'll be in Bardstown, Kentucky the week of the 17th for about 5 days. Oh joy. I was going to say I could look on the bright side because I was told by the plant manager at the site that it's Bourbon Festival week, but I just checked and it's September 11-16. :( Maybe we can get in early enough on the 16th to partake. Either way, I've been instructed by several people that I MUST bring them back some Kentucky bourbon. Think customs will notice if I buy a separate bag just for the liquor? ;)

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