Sunday, August 26, 2007

A quick word (maybe) and a milestone.


I don't think my DW realized it but she has hit 150 posts on this blog of hers. And to think that I had to poke and prod her to actually start it because she did "not know what to say on it". I think she knows what to say on it now and does so quite well. So, congrats my dear and looking forward to many more posts.

Quick word.

When you look at my immediate family's current make up you will find my mother, my father, my two older siblings (brother and sister respectively), myself and my little brother. My older brother and sister have a different biological father than myself and my little brother. Now, that probably comes as a surprise to some of you that are close to me and I can explain that simply as this: in my family, it does not matter.

We were well aware that our fathers were different BUT we were told as early as we could understand that there was no "half" or "step" in our house; we were brothers and sisters. Period. It is that foundation that has me detest the use of the term so much today. When TC is in school, she tells them that Pam is her mum NOT her step-mother. I did not make her say this as she simply embraced the philosophy that she learned from my upbringing. She knows that there will not be half or step used when we are blessed enough to expand our family.

So, when it comes to the question of DNA and such with this child we hope to be blessed with via the usage of donated eggs, it really is a moot point in my personal opinion. Plain and simple, the way I see things is this: my wife is going through the trouble of the procedure to become impregnated. My wife will be the whole waddling like a penguin for nine months. My wife's feet and back with be the ones swollen and sore during that time. My wife's womb will be the chamber that new life will grow in. My wife's vijayjay will be the conduit for the new life to enter the known world. And it is the cord they cut from my wife to my second (or more) child(ren) that kept them alive with nourishment from her system.

For anyone listening, let me be perfectly clear, this child will be OUR child. Nuff said.

Goodnight. :-)


Pam said...

You are correct, I had not noticed I'd reached 150. Yeah!!

As for steps, the only steps that will ever exist in our house lead you into the house, as well as up or down to the other levels. :) Well said, hon.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly said. Families come in all different shapes and sizes, but LOVE is what holds them all together. It is the same in my family where there are no "steps" or "halfs". Where my father and his wife buy christmas presents for my sister from my mothers second marriage. If only all familys could be so acccepting the world would be a much better place.

Dtrini said...

The funny thing Katie is that it is a simple concept to pass on but so many people would prefer to point out differences rather than commonalities. When it comes to genetics and health issues (and maybe even matters of money), you'll get no argument from me that the differences come into play. Why should that be the norm instead of the exception though?

I love children. Period. My Godchildren are my kids. Their siblings are my kids. My close friends children are my kids. Period. Too much separation in the world. We need to get together in order to save the world. :)