Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lights, Cameras, Yoohoo!!

So, today we had our transfer as I am sure my wife will explain in great detail in another post for you all. My job is to explain how it really was. First, we arrive basically on time and find no one up front. I was going to pop (pun intended) into the spunkatorium for a quick revisit but Pam said there was no need. If only she knew how MUCH of a need there was. :)

Anyhow, I send her in back to rustle someone as people are up and down but no one comes out to see us. They tell us to come in back and we basically know the drill from there. Pam gets dressed in her double gown and we fill out papers.

So, our appointment was at noon, we got in early like we were told, and we got ready as we have before. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. Three plus hours later. I was trying to keep positive but I was not a happy camper. I kept it to a minimum because these folks held my baby's happiness in their hands, er, testtubes, er, petri dishes. Whatever.

Just call me MC DR Gusto (ask my LB after he is finished LHAO):

We needed them so we smiled and nodded the whole time until we were called into the Yoohoo observatory. I forgot to put on my mouth mask but they never said anything. I also forgot to put away our electronics which sat in the open of that little closet they call a room. I had wanted to bring in the camera to get a shot of the screen when they use the camera to zoom in onto the little Hardy Boys and their sisters. Yes, they are only two of them but I am using my Trinidadian voodoo to produce Quads!! Alas, I had no camera and they currently have no facility to produce pictures of that image. Anyhow, it is a very interesting experience for the partner to sit there being supportive as cast of many mull around the prime subject.

There is my wife, feet in stirrups, yoohoo open to the world yet oh so inaccessible. There is the lady who is the ultrasound technician. There is the nurse who is assistant the good doctor. There is the good doctor who I am entrusting with new life, my wife's internal parts and some external bits. And then there is lab dude. Usually it is lab dudette. I never had an issue with a lady behind the glass, the lab area where the embryos are kept. I, strangely, was a little uneasy with a guy I have never seen before having full view of what Pam's mother gave her and what I consider personal geography with very restricted access. The room darkens, bright lights go on. A snapshot is taken as the good doc gently (well, somewhat gently) places our two/four little bundles of pre-joy into position. Production is then wrapped up, yoohoo is covered back up, materials are scrapped, congratulations and good lucks are spewed forth and we are shuttled back to relax in the master relaxer in the closet room.

This is our first picture together as a family:

Another lady was there, quite the talker. QUITE! It was nice to hear about another person's experience though and while we longed to be already where she is (i.e. pregnant) we were glad not to be experience her hyper water holding issue (ask the wife). Anyhow, once we were done (Pam had to get that injection into the gut by the nurse), we headed out into rush hour traffic, grab some chicken at George's and then headed home up the DVP. It would be 5:30PM by the time we reached home base. What a day!

Pam, just before Nurse Hathaway stuck her in the gut with a needle full of stuff. She is reclined in a very techie cool, very expensive piece of reclining goodness. It moves forward and back and up and down and vibrates and soothes and heats and does all sorts of things. I WANT ONE. Ahem, strictly for the use of my wife to help keep her relaxed. Naturally. :)


Pam said...

For the record, that quad comment...spoken by a very hungry, tired, insane husband. I'll be happy with one or two.

Dtrini said...

For the record, I stand steadfastly behind my triplet and quad comments, wishes and voodoo gyrations, incantations and gestures. the more the merrier.