Thursday, October 08, 2009

Doctor Visit Update

So today was the big day. I was finally going down to see the OB who did my fibroid surgery and hope she would be willing to do some tests and exams to see if there is any reason why we haven't been able to get pregnant on any of our previous cycles.

For those of you just joining us....we have been with our current clinic since May 2007. Over the last 2+ years we have had two different egg donors. We have always gotten excellent embryos. The first donor we shared and we got 6 eggs and 6 embryos. Neither couple achieved a pregnancy with this donor. Our second donor we had exclusively. We got 20 eggs of which 14 fertilized and in the end had 9 quality grade A embryos. Our fresh transfer of 3 resulted in a beta of 21 which quickly went down, the FET a month later was a BFN so we've now got three remaining embryos on ice waiting for us to be able to do our last cycle. That brings you up to date if you don't feel like reading the archives. :)

So, I go in to see our favourite doctor and unexpectedly she is standing in the reception area and a) remembers me from the surgery in 2006 and b) she's totally on time! So, she sees me immediately. I am hoping this bodes well for anything we do with her. So, we review what's been going on for the past three years and specifically the past IVF cycles and what I want her to do and what she thinks. She's agreed to do pretty much anything I want.

So, I'm booked for both a pelvic and a transvaginal ultrasound on October 26th. We were hoping that they could have taken me today as I'm on CD2 because she also wants me to have a sonohysterogram if the ultrasound deems it necessary. Since that has to be done between CD6 and CD10 that will be likely the second week of November, if the technician sees something. After those appointments, I'll go in for a followup. Based on any findinds (or lack thereof) will determine our next steps. Just in case she sees a polyp, endometriosis or another fibroid, she's got a surgical date booked in April, so there's no additional waiting. I had asked her about the fibroid surgery we had done in 2006 and mentioned our REs comment back when we first began seeing him asking why we'd removed them as he might not have and she reminded me that they had been distorting the uterus so it was necessary. So, at least I know there was necessary (which I knew at the time and had forgotten).

She also sent me down to the lab for bloodwork. We discussed a number of things and because I don't know just how indepth the bloodwork had been initially, she wrote up an order for all kinds of things:

Prenatal: ABO, RhD, antibody screen
Repeast prenatal antibodies
Russell-Viper Venom
Protein C
Protein S
Antithrombin III

Looking back on an old post, I don't think the RE ever did all of these, but I never saw the request, I do know that we did the anti-cardiolipin IgA and IgM which isn't on this list.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. But at least we're moving in a positive direction. :) Have I said how much I love this doctor? I really hope that she's able to help us and we can see her for a pregnancy.


Io said...

I'm glad you're moving in a good direction, but boo that they couldn't do it today.

Aurelia said...

I'm glad they are doing some things--but ouch on waiting longer for it to happen.

Not sure which US clinic they booked you into, but umm, Ed.wa.rd Street sometimes has faster times and they do a nice sono. It might be worth a call? Or even just call around to a few more?

Blood test are good too. Hopefully, they will show something you can fix. I'll be hear reading...

Pam said...

Thanks guys.

I am okay with the wait until the 26th. She went with the US clinic across from the hospital she's at because she "trusts" them.