Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank you and an update

I wanted to thank everyone who has commented on my last post. It really gives one an emotional boost to see so much support from so many of you. It's meant a lot to us to have you all in our corner and ready there to offer hugs, a shoulder and also cheer us on if we choose to move forward.

In the last couple of weeks I've been in touch with our clinic and the nurse that handles the embryo donations. Our time line has changed somewhat because we actually completed a profile. I was told originally that because of the number of people on the waiting list it could be up to a year before we were going to be selected. We were accepting of that, after all what other choice did we have if we wanted to minimize our costs. We were sent the profile document to complete which included a description of both of us and what we did as well as a section that required us to rate different criteria we considered important when choosing a donor, much like what we did when we were choosing an egg donor. We had little requirements. Although we would love a couple of mixed race to be donating embryos, we know it's a pretty slim chance. So really, that wasn't super important, nice but not critical. Religion wasn't an issue for us as we're Jewish and Catholic. The only point that I rated at a 5, the highest rating, was previous success in their cycle. I wanted to at least be going into a FET knowing that the couple who had donated the embryos had been successful in growing their own family. And really, when you think about it, the odds are in our favour that this the case, otherwise they wouldn't be donating embryos.

So, having completed the profile, I dropped it off at the clinic because I had to go in to drop off the unopened PIO vials they were being kind enough to refund for me. In talking with the business manager about what we were doing, while my refund was being processed, she went off to see the nurse who had been given our completed profile and came back to tell me that we were now at the top of the list because we were way ahead of others because they hadn't even completed a profile. Why would you request to be put on the list if you weren't going to take the next step? Anyway, their actions, or lack thereof, is a benefit to us, and so we we've moved onto the next "hurdle".

It's not a hurdle really, but an inconvenience. We have to meet with their counselor. I was hoping that because we'd had met with a counselor back when we were beginning the egg donor process, we could just use that evaluation because really, what's changed? I supposed our frame of mind, feelings etc could have, but likely not. The inconvenience isn't so much having to go through this, but just figuring out how. Because the clinic is located downtown and I work out in the west end, V works in the north end of the city and we live out in the east end suburbs, figuring out when we could schedule this appointment was a problem. Luckily we were able to schedule the appointment as a conference call. So in two weeks we'll have a three-way conference call with the counselor.

Following that session, and I guess approval on her part, we'll be moving onto the matching process. We will be emailed profiles much like we were when we were choosing an egg donor. Once we've made our choice, then we move onto the FET. There isn't a huge rush. As I told V I would like to cycle by October rather than wait into the new year but we'll see how it goes.

So that's where we are.


Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you are able to get things going so fast! I have my fingers crossed.

Lut C. said...

Exciting to try a new path, and great that you probably won't have to wait for ages.

Is this an anonymous donation or an open donation?

As the criteria go, I think success in a previous cycle would be high on my list too. But do you want to be certain that they've had success with thawing? I ask because we've never had a thaw work.

Hope the counseling session turns out to be useful in some way.

Pam said...

Thanks. :)

I'm not sure about open or closed donation. There was a question on the profile about how we felt about open, and we're okay with it. I think we said 3 on a scale of 5. I don't remember. :)

I'll be sure to ask about the success in thawing. Thanks for that thought!

Andrea said...

Good luck with your journey. Adopting embryos is a great option, and one that we did as well. We waited 1-1/2 yrs for our embryos after 4 failed donor egg IVF cycles. We've tried 3 times with the adopted embryos, and got pregant twice -- but unfortunately miscarried. I'll be reading to see how things go for you, hugs.