Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're everywhere

So I've been doing Jen.ny.Cra1g for the about a year and a half to try and lose the weight I put on after our wedding in 2004 and through 2005/2006 with the meds for the IUIs. Anyway, when I'd gone in to sign up again (I've done it before with great success) and mentioned to the program director that I had wanted to lose the weight because we were planning IVF with a donor. Needless to say I hadn't expected it to take so long, but you all know that already.

Fast forward to today when I was in the centre picking up food. (I'm down to 2.5 days of JC food as I work towards being off completely when we get to the start of the protocol.) I'm talking to the same program director explaining that I'm down to the 2.5 days of Jen.ny food because of the upcoming IVF, which she rememebered. It came up that she's one of us! She's 37 and had been trying for about three and half years with no success. She'd been through the usual stuff, seen an RE, had her tubes checked multiple times, and they didn't know what the problem was (hubby had already been checked out as fine). She said they had scheduled her for surgery to see if she had endometriosis when they found out she was pregnant naturally with twins! She's about 13 weeks I believe so we got to talking. It turns out the twins are identical and twins do run in her family. She commented how people kept telling them to "just relax" which totally pissed her off. She said they just don't understand that it's not that easy for everyone. She's thrilled with where they are now, but like the rest of us, doesn't consider it a foregone conclusion that she will be going home with two babies in 6 months.

I wish them well and good luck and hope it all works out for her and her husband. :)

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