Monday, June 18, 2007


Not much to report. I went in this morning for CD3 blood work and ultrasound. Totally uneventful in that regard. I've discovered that I will have to leave the house by 7am if I am to get downtown in a reasonable time, get through the various monitoring and doctor discussions, and then get to work on time. As it was, I left at 7:40am, got there at 9:10pm and then got out just over an hour later. Not bad really. Only an hour late for work.

In any case, the doctor didn't put me on birth control at this point because the donor is still getting screened. So she's either done her CD3 tests or will be very soon. It sounds like the donor's cycle is really close to mine. I paid the deposit for the donor's meds which will allow the clinic to send down her meds when it's time. I'm to go back in for my next appointment on CD2 of my July cycle, so that's around July 17th. At that point I'll be given the protocol, prescriptions for whatever meds I'll be taking, and we should know by then when the donor will be traveling. All we know so far is that it will be an August retrieval/transfer but nothing more specific than that. We do know as well that there won't be any need for us to do ICSI as we don't have male factor issues.

That's it for now.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I am so glad to have some cycle buddies this time. There are a small number of DE IVFers in the process during July/August. I can't decide if I want time to fly by or go slowly becasue I'm not ready (still trying to get some weight off). It's great that you don't have to deal with ICSI. No additional stress.

Pam said...

It will be nice to have others cycling with DE at that same time. :) I just took another look at your tentative protocol, and even though I don't have mine as yet, it looks like we will be cycling very close together. Good luck. I've been following you too. :)

Gil said...

This is really fantastic news Pam. I'm so happy for you. You both must be really looking forward to it all; I know I would be! Much love to you both from the capital!

Dtrini said...

So many capital and senator jokes, so little time. :) Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. As much as I have to play reality master during this process, I am trying to leave the reins loose because this is an exciting time and my dear wife is a happy camper. Other people have it much worse than us so I am thankful for where we are at right now.