Thursday, May 17, 2007


Okay, there's not much to report. Acupuncture is going well. I'm quite enjoying it, both the treatment and the banter with C. and J. I get two of the students each treatment because I think there are more students in the clinic then there are patients, plus I get so many needles in me, it's faster when two put them in. I also find that I'm so relaxed now that I doze of pretty much each treatment.

V. and I have our initial consult with the clinic this Saturday. Yeah! Once we've met with the good doctor, V. and I can finally sit down and finish up the forms for the agency and send them off. We should start receiving donor profiles by the 25th. Woohoo!!

Please go and congratulate Rae. She's an ovarian cancer survivor who just got a positive beta with donor eggs.

Other than all of the above, not much going on. For those of you celebrating Victoria Day, enjoy the long weekend.


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