Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hurry up and wait...

Well, we're waiting again. But it's an okay wait this time. I Fedexed the signed and notarized contracts back to the agency yesterday and wired them the payment. All was received this morning. So now, even though we are the second couple of a shared cycled, there is still stuff to be done before we can start the protocol.

We're now waiting to get a call from the donor coordinator at the agency and a call from the program coordinator at our clinic. The donor has to have blood work and a vaginal swab (sorry tmi) so our clinic, when they get the call from the agency, have to send a medical testing kit to the donor to take to her local lab. These tests are then sent back (or perhaps it's the results) to the clinic here. Once that's received, then our protocol is written and it's determined when we will begin. Both couples, of course, want to start as soon as possible. So hopefully, she will get her tests done quickly so we can start in late June. I'm expecting that it will be July. I've been told it can be a couple of weeks before we hear from the donor coordinator, and also a couple of weeks for the donor to get the tests done. I assume that she's got to do these tests on CD3 of her cycle. So as I said, we wait.

Have I told you how much I hate waiting?

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