Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Upcoming Nooner

Oh, you sick sick people. The woman is just coming out of the hospital and look where your mind still is. Nope, none of that for, well, almost ever.

Spoke to DW this morning as she called just before nine. The docs had been by (intern and her own) at 8AM. I wish we had known they were coming that early as i would have been there already. As it is, due to traffic and work needs, we have to stick with our schedule from yesterday where I will go around noon and liberate her from bad jello hell. The doctor said things look great. They gave Pam some meds to prevent clotting and said she can leave. She has to go back in 6-8 weeks, I believe, for a check-up. Other than that, the docs were pleased with her progress, had her IV removed and told her she can removed the leg stockings (but someone said keep them till tomorrow) and no full showering for a while (I hope they make industrial-sized bottles of Purelle).

OK, have some work to go deal with, daily conf call and then prep to leave and go get her. I may swing by the downtown office to get Mark if he is free so that I do not have to park. Not sure about that yet so will figure it out later. I also have to go and get some tea; promised DW.


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