Saturday, April 22, 2006

Something the doctor said...

I was thinking about my appointment the other day, remembering some things she'd said and stuff. I tend to do that. You know, get focussed on something. Anyway, one thing that came to mind during her questions was if I had experienced dizziness. Some of you know that I have been getting these dizzy spells and vertigo off and on for the past several months. Not really bad, just the kind of stuff like when you get up too quickly. But it was getting more frequent and hadn't happened previously. It was a bit disconcerting considering I really hadn't been sick during that time (except for one bout of a really bad cold several weeks ago).

It was during the March break, V. and I were home relaxing. We had tickets I'd scored from the office for a Raptor's game - really good, lower bowl seats - that we didn't want to miss. But I had more intense dizziness and this time was experiencing nausea as well. Movement of my head intensived everything. I was feeling ill enough that eating was not possible, so I was spending the day on the couch. I'm thinking I've got the flu or something and I wasn't happy since I was on vacation. I was also at the point where I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to go to the game which would have really sucked because we hadn't been at all this season. Anyway, I took the laptop out to google for some info. I find all kinds of references to Ménière's disease but I'm pretty sure that's not my issue, but who knows. I figure when I see my GP in June for my annual checkup I'll ask her about it, if the problem is still there. (Yeah, yeah I tend to put off diagnosis. Ask V. about my appendix.) Meanwhile, I keep looking. I changed my search criteria to be dizziness and fibroids because it occurred to me that today was day 2 of my cycle, or CD2 (sorry guys if that's TMI) and maybe I could attribute this crappy feeling to that. Sure enough, I found this link. At least now it seems I have a reason for the dizziness that seems plausible. Oh, and the anemia that's mentioned as a result of the fibroids? That's me too. One doctor has me taking elemental iron, or ferrous sulphate, for the anemia.

Anyway, I managed to "expell" the nausea and V. and I headed to the game.

That's it for now.

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