Friday, August 01, 2008

Roundup Extravaganza

Mel over at Stirrups Queens is an amazing writer and queen of the IF bloggers. Her Stirrup Queens blog is sort of like the "go to" blog for all things Infertility. She maintains, how I don't know, a blogroll of something like 900 blogs and keeps them categorized so you can just jump to Egg Donor, Adoption or whatever you're looking for. She also does these Blog Roundups where she puts it out to all of us asking for participants. We're assigned a blog and told to choose one post from the last year that was our favourite and say why in 2-3 sentences. It's all done anonymously so the blogger doesn't know who was assigned their blog. Today was the day Mel posted the Round Up. Go and check it out. My reader chose a post of mine that was hard for me to write but is one of my favourite. This is what she chose and why.

What would Brian Boitano Do? At one time or another, I think we contemplative infertiles have all considered the impact our own parents have had on us as we navigate the tough rows we all hoe in order to have a child. In this post, Pam craftily weaves her feelings on the early loss of her father with thoughts on what he might have felt about her current journey toward parenthood--and also weaves in a clip from South Park. You gotta love it--humor, pathos, sincerity, love, and hope all in one post! These things I think we can all understand.

I commented on Mel's post but I thought I'd put it here as well.

I'm #136 on the list. Writing that post was hard for me and reading it today still brings tears to my eyes for my Dad and what we lost together. When I wrote that post V. and I were just getting ready to start our first egg donor cycle. Unfortunately it was a negative as was the eventual frozen transfer we did in March.

We were fortunate enough to be matched unexpectedly with a new donor a couple of months ago and are just in the midst of our cycle with retrieval coming up in less than a week. I have the same emotions today as I did then regarding my father and how he would have felt.

Thank you Mel, and thank you to my reviewer for choosing this post. I was an important one for me.

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