Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I thought I'd just pop in and say there's nothing going on. I've been carrying on as normal, just taking things easier. I've noticed twinges etc down in the abdominal area but I could just be more aware of them and they mean nothing. Yesterday I definitely felt light-headed and dizzy. And I've been feeling much warmer than normal, such that I checked and I seem to have a low grade fever. I've been exhausted for the last 4 days or so but that can just be the PIO shots. Boobs don't really bother me, but they are a little tender...again, PIO.

I've been home for a couple of days because V had all four of his wisdom teeth out yesterday. Not a happy camper. :( But he's managing. He's really hoping he can eat something more substantial than pudding, yogurt, jello and soup by the weekend.

I called into the clinic today since we'd not heard back about the 5 embryos that were being left to grow to blast. They said that none of them made it to freeze, so we've got our 6 on ice for the future.

Anyway, that's it for now.


DE Mommy said...

low grade fever=good

Anonymous said...

Popping in to say I'm thinking of you and hoping those tiny friends are holding on strong.