Friday, February 08, 2008

An interesting story about Accupuncture and IVF.


SassyCupcakes said...

I know soo many people who have loved accupuncture and naturopathy. I think if you have the money and the time I'd say give it a go.

Unknown said...

I love going to acupuncture - I go once a week. My IVF clinic highly recommends it, but doesn't have a acupuncturist in house so I don't think they have any vested interested in saying so (I am always suspicious!). My FSH went down from 8.2 to 6.5 after about four months of acupuncture, and my response to the Lupron Challenge was dramatically different (three months ago my E2 went up by only 57 points, at the end of January it went up by 177 points)...I really don't have anything to attribute the difference to, except for acupuncture!

LadyofAvalon56 said...

I say do whatever works for you! If nothing else, even if it's the "placebo effect" who the heck cares if it works! :)