Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

For most people, this day is bad luck. But for V. and I the 13th, regardless of the day it falls, has always been good luck. We got engaged on a Friday the 13th, we got married on the 13th, and other things have happened for us on the 13th.

Today I got a call from the agency giving me an update on our donor's status. Apparently our donor is only half way through her medical testing kit. She's done the required vaginal swabs but was having trouble finding a lab in her area to do the bloodwork. I believe it's because the lab has to send the actually samples back to Toronto as opposed to just the results. I wasn't totally clear on that part. However, the agency has been talking to her daily and they've been able to find a lab in her area to do these tests and they've made the appointment for her. I'm not sure if they are next week, but she's booked to do them. I commented that I thought as a proven donor (or one who's done this before) that she had a lab. Apparently the lab she had used in the past had changed their protocol and no longer would do the tests for her. At least I know she's definitely done this before. The call had me wondering if perhaps the donor hadn't done this before but her answer confirmed that she's been a donor before, which I found reassuring. :)

In any case, she told me it may be tight to get things into place for the upcoming cycle. So for now, we go forward as expected. She'll give me a call next week to let me know the status and meanwhile I wait for me CD1 so I can get into the clinic. That should be showing up in the next day or so.

Have a good weekend all.

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daisy said...

Ugh. How frustrating for you and your donor. Hope your CD1 has come along without issue.