Monday, December 04, 2006

Never again!

Okay, we've moved. That had to be the worst moving experience I've ever had. The movers were fine, although there was some damage for which we'll need to put in a claim, but the guys were friendly, personable and didn't complain about some of the stuff they had to move (ie. gym-quality treadmill, big screen tv). However, it took all friggin' day! Fourteen hours later and they were done. PLUS IT RAINED. HARD!!!!! I hate moving. :(

Now we've got the joyful job (not!) of unpacking everything. Of course, we haven't made this easy for ourselves. We've got two weeks to get the place in order (or at least the boxes hidden away) as we host our annual Christmas Open House on the 17th. Anyone in the Toronto/GTA area who wants to come, let me know. :) Then a week later it's Christmas and we're hosting the whole family at our place. That about 22 people at last count, with special family coming in from Trinidad this season. It's going to be great! I love entertaining as Patti knows so I'm looking forward to it, but I haven't had time to sit down and plan anything. I know it will all come together but I'll probably drive V. to drink in the process. :) Hmmm, he may not have a problem with that. We'll see.

Anyway, we're back to trying again for December. Today is CD8, so the 2ww will be ending just before Christmas. This time around I've added in the chinese remedy that I'd been given a year or so ago to see if it will help. Who knows. If I can find the time, I'll probably go get the other "remedy" I was advised to use from the west indian side of the family and see if it helps. As they say, every little bit helps.

Anyway, that's it for now. Just wanted to give an update and not let you all think I was awol. :)


Gil said...

I'm glad that the move went well. Unpacking is such a drag isn't it? When I was 16, we moved on December 17th; what a nightmare that was!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for fantastic Christmas news. I just know your open house will be spectacular! Too bad my hubby and I will be in Florida for Christmas; the open house sounds like such fun! Enjoy it to the fullest. Christmas surrounded by family and friends makes it worthwhile.

Dtrini said...

Hey Gil, give Pam a note when you and your hubby get back and maybe you can swing in for a chat and a nibble. Uhm, you know what I mean. :)