Saturday, October 21, 2006

We're Back!!

Sorry for the sudden absence last week. But it was just as sudden for me. With the help of my manager and several of our friends, V. managed to plan and execute a huge surprise. It's one of those things we all want our husband/wife/significant other to do for us at some time. It seems that my devious husband had managed to plan a week away without me finding out. He'd been working on it for several months, had gotten my manager to okay the time off, pack and get me to the airport without me knowing the real reason. He showed up at my office with some cockamamy story that we had to go to the airport to pick up his aunt because his father had screwed up and couldn't do it. It helps that my office is about 10 minutes from the airport, so for me, this wasn't such a strange request. I was oblivious to all and bought right into the whole story. It turns out there was no aunt to pick up, rather, we were leaving!!!!

We have just returned from an amazing week in Varadero, Cuba!!!! Neither of us had been before, and it was a perfect way to relax from the stresses at home and work. The weather was perfect. Clear blue skies, hot (easily mid to upper 80's every day), and no rain at all, even though it's still the rainy season. We spent lazy days at the beach or by the pool. One afternoon we went into Varadero to visit the flea market and pick up souvenirs. Another day we took a tour into Havana and walked around Old Havana and New Havana, seeing Revolutionary Square among many other sites. But V. had promised me several years ago that our next trip to a beach resort I would be able to just sit in the sun and relax. With a pina colada in one hand and my book in the other, it was heaven.

We returned home at 2am this morning to find that the ceiling in our guest room had caved in from all of the rain we've had over the past several months. Our landlord has been told several times about the leaking and not done anything about the roof. Somehow, I don't think he can put it off any longer. Thankfully we're moving at the end of November. :)

Anyway, apart from the downer on our return, our week away was amazing!!!

I'll update later when V. has posted about our trip on his blog and put in a link to his or ask him to post his story of how he did this. :)

Back and feeling more rested :) Now to go and catch up on everyone's blogs!


Penny said...

Welcome back!

You do not know how difficult it was to NOT talk about the upcoming trip with you!

I'm so happy he managed to surprise you!

Woohooo! Go V.!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That's awesome!!

So glad you guys had such a great time- welcome back!