Monday, June 05, 2006

Doctor Update, finally.

Sorry to keep you all waiting. It's been an extremely busy weekend.

On Friday, V. and I headed down for our appointment with Dr. L. We were probably a half hour late but it didn’t matter really because she appeared to be a bit behind anyway. When we finally were able to see her I was quite happy with the news.

I've got 3 fibroids, with the largest measuring 5.1x5.0x3.8 cm, the second is 2.4x2.5x2.3 cm, and the third is tiny at 1.3x1.2x0.9 cm. She said they usually remove anything over 5cm. The dominant fibroid is described as "left fundal posterior" which means it's on the left, in the fundal area of the uterus (which is the top) and towards the back of the uterus. The second one is right anterior, or right front, and the smallest one is anterior left subserosal, which means left front on the outer surface of the uterus. The doctor who analysed the ultrasound results and provided the report had drawn a small picture of the dominant fibroid’s placement. According to Dr. L., this one definitely was impacting implantation of any embryo and removal would be a good idea.

So everything is going ahead as planned. Dr. L. said she can still do the surgery laparoscopically. There haven’t been any cancellations as yet so we’re still booked for July 11th and she’ll remove them all at that time. If a cancellation does come up, we’re first on the list so we’d get the call! However, I am being realistic when I say that I doubt I’ll get that call. So five weeks tomorrow is D-Day. I’ll only need to stay in hospital overnight and then will be home for about 2 weeks. By no means does having this surgery mean that V. and I will successful when we get to the IVF part of the process. But it definitely will improve the odds.

That’s it for now.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are moving forward for you two! I'll keep my fingers crossed for an earlier session and success for the IVF.

x said...

I am glad you are getting the proper diagnosis/treatment pre-IVF. I hope everything goes well.

Pam said...

Thanks MsM and Jenny. I'm now just counting the days. One month today. :) I'm realistic that there won't be a cancellation to move the date up closer, but with everything going on at work, it's probably for the best. Not nervous yet. :)