Monday, March 08, 2010

And so it begins....sort of

So, two days ago was CD2...normally this would signal the start of a cycle and in a way it does...sort of.

V and I have decided that we're going to do the final FET either in April or May, although it's looking like it will likely be May. So, I figured that I would head into the clinic on CD2 of my March cycle to say hello, indicate our intentions, find out costs and see if any blood work needed to be done since it's been about 14 months since we've cycled. 14 months!! For some reason, in my head, I was thinking it was less than a year which just wasn't possible.

Anyway, nothing has changed, except perhaps their signup process for ultrasounds and that's much improved. I got in just as monitorong was ending at 10am as I had an appointment for a haircut before that. I explained to the receptionist why I was there and we decide that I should just sign up for ultrasound as I will likely have extra bloodwork. I sign my name, take my number (52, I think they're ast 42) and sit down and proceed to wait. The waiting room is pretty busy (see, nothing has changed) and there are about a half dozen toddlers running around, all under 2. That's the only reason I don't like going on the weekend. I've never really had the same feelings as others at seeing children in the waiting room, as I understand it can be a necessary evil. But with us leading up to our last cycle, it is a little more difficult.

I wait for about an hour to be called for the ultrasound, and I believe I was the last one on the list. Very nice tech who've I've not seen before. We chatted about stuff, she did her thing and then I was sent back out to the waiting room to be called to see the RE. It was probably about 20 minutes until he called me into one of the rooms where I waited about 10 minutes while he saw someone first.

We chatted. I filled him in on what's been going on IF-wise and gave him copies of the blood test results from the OB and Internist as well as the reports from the pelvic u/s and sonohysterogram I'd had in December. I mentioned we were looking to cycle in April or May (but I think he promptly forgot or didn't hear me as he was reading). I also mentioned that they tests showed I was heterozygous for MTHFR. He basically dismissed this with a wave of his hand and said 40% of women have this issue. I know that it's not the answer for why our cycles have failed, and he agreed that we have great embryos and my uterus is excellent (so says my OB). However, he agreed that taking the 5MG of folic acid make sense. Even if he didn't agree, I'd still be taking it. And I'm thinking I will add the B6 and B12 with it but I'm not sure what the daily amount would be. Anyone have any ideas? In an email chat with Amanda she gave me some insight into her past protocols, specifically the one that gave her Adam, and I'm now considering starting the Fragmin a bit earlier in the cycle. Normally I am told to start the immediately following transfer, but maybe a couple of days earlier? Any ideas here?

So, for now, I am continuing to take the 5mg of folic acid and a baby aspirin each morning and I'm taking a regular multivitamin in the evening. I'll go back into the clinic on CD2 of the month we decide we're doing the FET and it's about 13 days from then to transfer. If it is April, then we're looking at CD2 being on or around April 3rd...I can say for sure, we aren't doing it then. So that means May would be the month with transfer occuring the weekend of V's birthday.

Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to print. Hope everyone is having a great day on this glorious, sunny day!


amanda said...

I take 50mg of B6 and 1000mcg of B12 per day. That's the same amount that's in two Folgards.

There's definitely no harm in starting the Fragmin a couple of days earlier. If you start it early in the cycle, though, like at the start of stims, just make sure you take a couple of days off before ER to eliminate the bleeding risk. (All spoken with my internet MD in hand, of course.)

Good luck with the upcoming cycle!

Pam said...

Thanks Amanda! :) Since it's a FET, do you figure I still have the risk as there's no retrieval? I was thinking it would probably be better.

Gil said...

Just stopping by to say hi sweetie, and good luck! You KNOW hubby and I are pulling for you guys!

Side note: I took an OTC B-complex vitamin. Just something I picked up at Shopper's. I doubt it gave us success (in and of itself) but it was the cycle that worked for us. Whatever you decide, pull out all the stops and leave no stone unturned. And continue to have hope and faith.

Sending love,

LiL Moo & Mee said...

I just wanted to say good luck! I have followed you for years but went MIA. Am back now and look forward to the catch up.