Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A PSA for those who are looking to adopt

As you know V and I aren't on the adoption track. Not because we wouldn't consider it, but more likely because although we haven't really discussed adoption for us (and wouldn't be opposed to it), funds are limited at this point, and it's not feasible at this time.

However, way back when we first started this journey and I was surfing the net madly looking for anything that might help us, I did look at information regarding adoption, particularly interracial adoption as we are an interracial couple. Since then I periodically receive emails from on adop.tion facilitator in the US which I generally read and file away.

This week I received an email from them only this time it really peaked my interest. Below is a partial screenshot of that email. Click the image to enlarge it, but this is what the beginning says.

Life.time Adop.tion currently is experiencing a shortage of families who are prepared to adopt African American and/or Bi-Racial Children.

Since the inception of the African American Enrichment Program in 2003, Lifetime Adoption has been fortunate to assist hundreds of babies find their way to their forever families.

Currently, we have 5 birth mothers who are due before the end of the year who do not have any adoptive families within their preferences from which to choose.

Now, I have to say I've never worked with them directly, I really don't know anything about them and I'm not endorsing them but I figured someone out there may want to check this out. I think if V and I were living in the US or were US citizens living outside the US, we probably would explore this opportunity. However, it seems that to work with them you need to either be living in the US with a valid home study, or be a US citizen living outside of the US.

If you want a copy of the email I received, send me a message and I'll be happy to pass it on.


Anonymous said...

Yes, please! Can you send the info to twoisafamily at gmail dot com?

Smith (via LFCA)

Guera! said...

I would love more info. My husband and I WANT a bi-racial's not a matter of accepting one. It's our preference.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please, I'd love more info: betttina at hotmail dot com

My family has adopted for the last three generations, including bi-racial children. Even if we weren't infertile, I would be interested.

Pam said...

Guera!, could you send me your email address so I can send you the info? I commented on one of your blog posts as well, but you may not have realized it was me. :)