Saturday, September 15, 2007

Delayed, sort of

Today was a busy morning for me. I was out of the house very early because I needed to get into the clinic so that I was out if there with enough time to get to my acupuncture appointment.

I signed the three sign-in sheets (bloodwork, ultrasound and doctor's) at 7:45am. There were about 10 ahead of me on the bloodwork sheet, 15 ahead of me on the ultrasound sheet and I was third on the doctor's list. Third!! Totally unheard of. But it means nothing if you haven't at least had your ultrasound. Plus at 7:45 he hadn't even made an appearance. As per my routine, I went back to the blood work area and sat down to wait about 10-15 minutes before I was called in. Once that was done, the ultrasound didn't take too much longer, so I was back sitting in the waiting room reading my book. I finally heard the doctor's voice calling the first two people on the list at 8:45. By the time I saw him, it was just after 9. I updated him that I was on CD36 which meant day 35 of taking the birth control. He went off to find out the status of the donor, and because I hadn't gotten a reply to my inquiry at the agency about her status, I was anxious to find out what he knew.

He came back to tell me that her period was being sluggish and hadn't actually shown up. What?!?!? I was told last week that she was spotting and was expecting to get it over the weekend. Apparently that didn't happen. He then said "she's not pregnant. We got her tested." Well thank god for that. I'm not sure what we (or the other recipient couple) would be doing at this stage if that were the case. My response was "that would be a good thing" and he smiled. (He seems to be in a more receptive mood when you see him early in his day. (Note to self: try to get in as early as possible in future). So, he told me to stop the pill today and on CD2 start it again. I'm to go back in on CD15 (day 14 of the pill) at which point I hope we are able to move forward. I took the opportunity of his lighter mood to ask him a couple of questions.

1. Will you be putting me on lupron or straight to estrace once we are able to move forward. His response "you won't be on lupron" which I liked because I wasn't looking forward to the possible headaches as I already suffer from migraines.

2. What do you think of chinese herbs? I already knew he was pro acupuncture but I didn't want to take the recommended herbs if he wasn't on board with it. His answer was what I expected which was "don't take anything other than what he recommends as they don't know how it might interact with the current meds". I was okay with that because I wanted to defer to his recommendation rather than assume it might be okay to take them. So, I let my acupuncturist know that I wouldn't be taking them. V. will be relieved (me too) as this is an expense we won't have.

I wanted to ask him if I should be taking baby aspirin or not. My family doctor had recommended I take back when we first started trying but that was with my own eggs. Now, I'm not sure if it's beneficial or not. I'd heard that it is often recommended for women who've had recurring miscarriages. I've had 2 so I don't know if it applies to me or not. I'll have to try and remember to ask him that when I'm in next.

So I got out of the clinic by 9:20am. This was a record for me. A visit under 2 hours is rare. This allowed me to head down to the drugstore to get the prescription filled. I was also able to confirm with the pharmcist that he carries Estrace and the PIO (in sesame oil) so that will be good.

I then had some time to kill before acupuncture, so I headed uptown to that clinic and then read my book for about a half hour. Once I'd been needled, I had one more errand and then I headed home.

So I'd say, all in all, a fairly productive day, although not necessarily the news I wanted to hear about the donor. But it's all good and we're getting closer.

Retrieval/transfer - likely 3rd week of October I think

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Unknown said...

Hey Pam - sorry about the delay. Can you imagine if the donor was preggo? OMG that would be terrible! Glad that isn't what is going on. Hang in there -- it will all happen soon! ~BabyStep.