Sunday, May 21, 2006

I hate this waiting

Waiting. I hate it. It seems I am doing a lot of it. There's not much to update because I'm waiting.

I'm waiting for June 2nd when I go in to find out what the ultrasound showed about the fibroids.

I'm waiting for July 5th when I'm currently scheduled to go for pre-surgical bloodwork.

I'm waiting for July 11th when I'm currently scheduled for surgery to remove the fibroids.

I'm waiting to get a phone call informing me that they've had a cancellation and can move my surgery date up earlier.

All waiting does is provide me with time to think and dwell. I don't think a day goes by when I don't think about all of this and wonder and worry. Now, I'm also waiting to hear back from the nurse at the clinic because I emailed her last week. Periodically I email her to say hello and let her know what our status is. This time I let her know about the current surgery date and reminded her of a letter I needed for our accountant. But this is where the waiting comes in....I also mentioned that our donor just had her 37th birthday. This puts her just outside the accepted age range for egg donors. So what does this mean? I don't know which is why I'm waiting. And stressing. And dwelling on worse case scenarios. So now I'm waiting to hear what the doctor has to say about this latest concern of mine as the nurse said she was going to give her this information and have her review the file. I'm hoping that because D. had such good results from her initial ultrasound and such that they say were still on track.

I hate all this waiting. Maybe my fibroids have miraculously shrunk. :)


Penny said...

Waiting sucks. No doubt about it.

If your fibroids could shrink purely from force of will, they'd be gone because we're all wishing they'd go away for ya.


Hang in there - we're still waiting together!

projgen said...

Pam, I hope your fibroids have shrunk ;) Waiting is one of the suckiest parts, for sure.

Thank you for visiting me! fyi, your link for Fertility after 40 is bunged up - there's an extra http// in there. Happy blogging!

Pam said...

Patti/Projgen - maybe I should find some of that "drink me" stuff that Alice in Wonderland drank ;)

And thanks for the heads up on the link, Projgen.

x said...

Waiting is the worst because you are right, it just gives us more time to worry.

Dtrini said...

And here is another example of our complimentary differences. Everything we are waiting for is out of our hands so I refuse to stress out and sweat the stuff I have no control over. Concerned? Yes. Worried? Naturally. However, when it becomes all-consuming or all your attention is focussed on it, you end up doing what they number one tell you to avoid: stressing yourself.

So, everyone, please help my DW chill out because she is starting to stress me. :) We can do only what we can do. What we cannot do, we will find another way to do. Simple. Succinct. Life.